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In many food processing facilities, withhigher humidity, sometimes mist, water spills, it's critical to have a listingfixture that can stand in this environment and light the desired area at higherefficiency.

Traditional fixture had out the light bulbor bar in a sealed construction which helped water proof, however the beamangel is not regulated, in an indoor work space with lights hanging 20 feetabove the work bench, the 120° beam does not help, this lighting fixture justrequires more wattage.

When the EDGE series of linear fixture wereintroduced to Pacific Coastal Growers, the largest grower collective inCalifornia, they were impressed at its elegant design, which was made ofextruded aluminum with power coating, its narrow angel beam (40°) and itssecurely sealed lens, this solid fixture has distinguished itself from manyothers.

The Arrlux Edge series linear fixtures area good light for food processing plants.